Logo design

A logo has a Mother Goddess image composed of traditional Trypillian symbols of fruitfulness, health, and well-being.

Traditional round ornament made out of groats and cereals on rich warm background
Zernovyta is a trademark that provides healthy food on the market
The trademark concept components include field, grain, and Mother Goddess
A logo-making process that includes mizing traditional Trypillian ornaments together
Using Pantone 7582 for Earth and Pantone 7548 for Grain
Traditional Ukrainian landscapes and pastoral art used for and inspiration when making a package
Packages of buckwheat, rice, and semolina porridge, along with other grains on a yellow background
Examples of using Zernovyta flour like making dumplings, dough, and muffins
Thanks for watching text decorated with buckwheat grains

       Marketer: Olha Kaminska 

Creative Production Studio​
Bambuk Design Studio:
       Creative Director: Oles Kucherenko

       Art Director: Oleksandr Nesterenko
       Digital Artist: Marianna Pashchuk​       
       Graphic designers​: Andriy Shpyrka, Yakov Zavatskiy    
Used font:
       Artist: Bohdan Hdal

Bambuk Design Studio logo on yellow