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Атмосферний вебсайт без шаблонів та фірмовий стиль, фундаментальна концепція - атомна епоха 50-х років. Уявлена реальність насамперед відображалася в мистецтві та модифікованих технологіях.

Case presentation for robotic IoT company
Atomic Age as a concept and main idea for website creation, illustrations and digital campaigns

Atmospheric website, corporate identity to stand out among other IoT companies as a main challenge
UX implemented not only on logic, but on impressions and good experience to feel the Atomic Age
The colors used were mainly pastel tones, complementary
The fonts are Bazar Medium, Oswald Regular and Inconsolata Regular
The decorative font of the pre-war era was combined with theologically monospaced, making the fusion
Symbiosis of the past production technologies with a romantic concept of the future technologies
The illustration inspires the user to imagine how the company’s main product is to be manufactured
Big data apiary where the bee is the information carrier and the hives collect and process it
The Robot as the mascot of the Company that implements Big Data technology in a most efficient way.
It took only about 100 years from the invention of the phone to the opportunity to make a video call
Spirit of the American city of the 50s and how people imagined the video calling
Farm as a metaphor for a blockchain for sharing compute power peer-to-peer
Each well-groomed plant is an element that together with others is an integral system of database
Content for a robotic technology case study
You can see a lazy bungler and the Robot who acts as a progressive innovator and technology pioneer
Other variant of an expertise page on the website for IoT company
Hands-on experience developing the unique combination of embedded systems and big data solutions
Demystifying type derivation with shapeless
Event page for AI, IoT and Technology companies
Different illustrations adapted for any role and mission
Bambuk Design Studio logo in black