Nasha Ryaba Holiday lives in a family

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Holiday lives in a family We wanted to create a new visual image for one of the largest TM «Nasha Ryaba.

New visual image for one of the largest Ukrainian companies
Didukh is a symbol of New Year and Christmas in Ukraine and also a symbol of wealth and well-being
Main symbols are a Bird, Christmas star, Sheaf of wheat and tree branches
POS materials and package example
Christmas characters creation for an ad campaign
A number of charismatic characters - a king, devil, goat and an angel
Advertising on the citylights in Kyiv
Billboard program for campaign
Wall design for subway stations in a manner of a campaign style
Most detalized production ever made for such a product

Marketing Company 
Rockets.Growth R&D:
       CEO: Vladislav Polonsky
       Creative Directors: Maksim Boritko, Artem Karelin
       Strategic Project Leader: Viktoria Makarova ​​

Creative Production Studio
Bambuk Design Studio:
       Creative Director: Oles Kucherenko​
       Art Directors: Oleksandr Nesterenko, Yakov Zavackyi
       Photography: Hrystyna Muzychuk​ ​​
       Craft-paper designer: Katerina Molyavka, Carolina Shyrokova
       Digital Artists: Marianna Pashchuk, Valia Koval​       
       Graphic designer​: Orysya Kryvenko, Nazar Ortynsky, Sofia Chokan​      
       Producer​: Marta Bazinyak

Logo of creative studio on blue background